Tools For The Boat

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    Just a few items that make up a good tool kit for the boat. Keep in mind that space is limited so a complete set of wrenches, sockets and screw drivers are not needed.

    1) 8" or a 12" adjustable cresent wrench.
    2) 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16" and 3/4" open / boxed
    end wrenches along with the cresent wrenches
    will be enough.
    3) Socket's in the same sizes as above plus a
    socket to fit lug nuts and a deep well spark
    plug socket.
    4) Allen wrench set.
    5) Slot and philips screwdrivers.
    6) Electrical connectors.
    7) Electricans tape.
    8) Shrink tubing.
    9) Small disposable cigarette lighter.
    10) Duct tape.
    11) Small can of WD40.
    12) Small pocket knife.
    13) Small file.
    14) Small roll of electrical wire.
    15) Compatable bulbs that fit your boat trailor.
    16) Male and female trailor connectors.
    16) Roll of toilet paper.
    17) Small hand towel.
    18) Small flash light and extra batteries.
    19) Extra set of sparkplugs.
    20) Channel lock pliers.
    21) Vice grip pliers.

    All the above items can be placed in a watertight container taken from your wifes tuperware collection. If you take a little time and think about what MAY be needed you will be prepared. The above items can be added to or items deleted per your judgement.