Took my kids fishing Saturday at small pond...

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Jug-or-not, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Jug-or-not

    Jug-or-not New Member

    ....and we caught what I think were some bullheads. They had coloring similar to a channel cat but had really big heads and fairly skinny bodies...very disproportionate to their heads. Big mouths too. The tails were slightly forked. Are these bullheads?

    Most were about a pound to 2 pounds with the biggest being maybe 2 1/2 pounds. When I cleaned them they had a LOT of fat in them and the meat felt really oily. I put them in the sink when rinsing them and you could actually see the oil floating on the top of the water. Are these good to eat? I usually catch blues or occasionally whites. The oily feel of the meat threw me off a bit.

    I put 4 quart bags of filets in the freezer...will they be good if fried? Or should I have thrown them back? The kids really want to eat "their" catch.

  2. buckshot

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    the description of the fish sounds like bullhead but i have never cleaned any because i have never caught any big enough wich they dont get very big anywase
    i have always been told they taste like mudd
    because thats what they do is stay on bottom and dig around in the mud

  3. IrishO'Brady

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    Hmm yeah I don't eat too many bullheads, but as I recall it wasn't as good as just straight catfish meat from a good channel. Not sure bout how to cook the oil out of them.