Took my boys fishing on Lake Wateree

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    Our middle boy turned nine yesterday, and with the money he got from his birthday, he wanted to buy him a new rod and reel. (Way to go, son!) I just taught him two days ago how to cast an open face, and he surprised me today by buying him his own open face. And the biggest surprise is that he invested about $35.00, when there were cheaper combos there. But he said that he didn't want to have trouble bringing in the big cats.

    I took him to Joey's tackle shop here in Camden, and remember, he's nine years old. Joey was great with him. He asked my son what kind of outfit he was interested in - had to go through just about everything on the racks. Asked him what kind of line he was interested in, and the boy really surprised me. You don't realize how much kids really do listen - you mainly notice when they don't listen. He picked out a nice combo - Cajin red line, and here's the big part (hope not to hurt any feelings) he was asked what kind of hooks he wanted. He said he wanted the J hooks - he didn't want any circle hooks - he wanted to hook the fish himself. (Got no idea where he got that from.:embarassed:) Anyways, he did it all himself.

    Since he got the new rod and reel today, he wanted to go and try it out. So I took him and his older brother to the Lugoff dam. I figured they could play with the White Perch, have a good time. But Stripers started hitting top water right before dark. All we really had to fish out of was the kids' tackle boxes, and believe it or not, a nine year old doesn't carry a whole lot of stripper rigs. But I managed to find some jigs, and we ened up with three small stripper, and two small blues. (Blues were caught on worms when we first got there.) The boys had a blast watching the bass hit the top water. This may not seem like very much of a fishing trip, but I was with my two boys, and they had a ball, so I have to mark it up as one of the best.
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    Gator T you had the best kinda fishing trip any dad could imagine.....One with his son's!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Outstandin! When I read that ya went to Camden I shook for a second. We have a Camden in Jersey and it is ranked as one of the most dangerous citys in the country. LOL!
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    "...This may not seem like very much of a fishing trip..."

    Ahhh, but it is.

    It was far more than a fishing trip for those young guys; it was an adventure. Some of the best days with the kids are the ones where you don't catch a boat load of fish, because that means you have time to talk, think, dream, and reflect. It sounds like you had a nice combination fishing and time with your family, and for that you are a lucky man. :wink:
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    You just brought back a flood of memories. Me my dad and my brother. It didn't matter if the fish were biting or not. Every thing from the truck ride down an old gravel road to cleaning the fish on the back porch. Our dad was our teacher, coach, preacher,competition, partner, and buddy all inside one little man. I can still fish holes and remember my what my dad caught there years ago. Today my brother and I still fishing together as partners , we are close as two brothers can ever be, and I credit that to my dad. Your sons will credit you for it also. Thanks for the post.
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    Man I love me lake wateree. I worked in Camden for about six months at Prestage farms and the mill manager was kind enough to put me on some cats at the wateree river at us hwy1. We also went out to lake wateree man it is a beatiful lake.