Took a kid fishing also

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    Took a kid that I have known for a few years fishing on Wednesday night and Thursday. Had a great time. His name is Nico, he's only 15 and he lives with his Mom who is divorced so he doesn't get much time on the water unless I take him. Anyway, he is a hardcore fisherman, as hardcore as I am. We fished Wednesday night in the crappy rain and stuck it out for a couple of hours, no fish. Went to the lake house at Pomme to sleep then got up and were back on the water at Warsaw by noon Thursday. We fished everywhere from downstream of Cole Camp Creek to Drake Harbor. Overall we probably caught 25 fish total, average was in the 5 pound range. I let him do most of the catching since I go alot and he doesnt get to. He had a big dude on that we never got to see due to the hook pulling out, I would guess over 20 pounds since it smoked some drag and bent the rod hard. That fish was in about 4 feet of water on a shad head. Moved farther upstream and set up in the current. He had 2 big fish on that ended up breaking off, partly my fault for not re-tying the leader which is what broke from line twist. Oh well, he still had a blast and last fish of the day was his personal best being a 16 pound flathead. I forgot the digital camera in the car but did take some pictures on my phone which I sent to some BOC friends. I don't know how to load phone pictures on the computer so if anyone got that picture and can load it here please help me out! Saw Mr. T rollin upstream while we were set up, hard to miss that big RED boat. Anyway, the bite is still on or was for us. We didnt keep anything since I had to get up Friday morning for the NHRA race at Topeka. Took Nico to that too which he absolutely enjoyed. Not sure if he liked the cars or girls more. Chris
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    Here ya go Chris. Nice Flathead and Congrats on a good trip!!

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    nice job man! the future of our sport is looking better everyday.
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    Independence missouri
    Thats great he is learning from one of the best keep up the good work see you on the water I dont know how to load pics from phone or camera but my son inlaw said he would show me and i will pass it on GOOD LUCK
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    Man I wish ida known u where gonna be out there. Woulda like to have meet ya. Maybe even coulda taken ur friend on a tour of a ProStockers trailer.
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    Chris sounds like yall had a great fishing trip an a good time at the race also, congrads to u for thaking your young freind with you ,sounds an looks like from pic ,you got a fishing partner any time you go :cool2:
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    :big_smile: way to go chris thats really special taking that kid out and having fun with him fishing !!!! looks like ya really got into them also wooo hooo what a nice flatty again congrats buddy :big_smile::wink:

    to be honest dosnt surprise me ya got that kid into fish tho everytime im with ya we catch fish we must of had 5 trips with over 200 lbs worth !!!your a very good guide my friend , way to get er done once again !!!!

    thanks for the story and the pics i enjoyed them alot
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    Thats awesome Chris! You sure are a great role model and ambassador for the sport and young anglers! I have had the privledge to fish you and I always had a great time.You know where and how to catch the catfish and make an awesome guide. :wink: Kyle

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    Good for him bro! Thanks for taking time to take a kid out.
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    Great post. Wish i had someone Take me when i was young, Was in the same Situation as that kid. Went To the Drags on Saturday had a blast too. Too Bad The Top fuels couldnt Get hooked up been nice to have a overcast on the track. Had a Blast tho Had Hospitality Tent passes with herzog Got to sit there drink a dozen free miller lites and watch them tear down the motor and supercharger. I Go Every Year have for years and usally always get hooked up with the herzog team since my brother works for a Deere company here in kc and they buy a lot of parts from them. Next Year Some of u BOC guys should meet up out there camp out or wut not and ill see if i can pull some strings with herzog and edelbrock since we have some buddies that work with them and get us some vendor passes have full range :wink:. Also After the nhra Races on Saturday out there u can find me in Juniors Bar Next to the PigPit right down the road from the track. ALSO Topfuel Cars will be running THIS SUNDAY at THE old track on noland road here in kc. From what i heard on the radio after i left the river this afternoon i think it might be a IHRA event not too sure on it.
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    Sounds like all that weather was worth the trouble! Thanks for taking him fishing brother and congrats to him on the flattie!