Too small of line?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by sirdank, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. sirdank

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    I just got a new reel and was curious if I got a 30# bradied 150 yds. If that

    would hinder the performance of the reel (6600c4)? Thank you
  2. Cattn-Jeep

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    You'll be fine, just make sure you spool it on real tight.

  3. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Be sure to use a few yards of mono backing before putting on the braided to keep it from slipping on the spool. Also, if the 150 yards of braided isn't enough to properly fill the reel, use enough additional mono backing so that it will fill the spool. A properly filled spool will help with both ease and distance when casting.
  4. mrmarkedwards

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    150 yds of braid? are you fishing from the bank or a boat? if you're fishing from the bank imagine this you cast say 100yds and you set your rod say 10 yds from the water and then you set the hook on a trophy that rips off a 30yd run before you can even turn much braid is left? now all i'm saying is if you fish from the bank and can afford it get a 300yd spool instead of the 150.
  5. Snagged2

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    I don't think it will hinder the performance of the reel,, 30# braid may be a bit light, 50# will also work I believe..Some folks use up to 100# Braid on the 6500's
    I use 30# mono, on pretty much everything, and it holds up well, My longest casts are about 30-40 yds, and I think the reel (6500 Abu Garcia)holds about 140 yds of 30#
    mono, give'r take.. I mostly fish with 7000' abu's, with the same line..they hold a bit more, and seem to have stronger drags for my uses...
  6. GMC FishHauler

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    I have used 30 power pro on my 6500's
    it will work, but u need ALOT more than 150yrs
    30 lb braid is same as 8lb mono. It will hold 390yrd of 8lb i believe.
    I filled halfway with 30lb mono and then topped off with the reel with the PP. I think i still held almost 200yrds. If you have 2 of the 6500's you can do this. Spool ur braid on first, then tie crazy alberto knot to the mono, fill rest of way with mono. Get your other reel and pull all of the line off of ur first reel. Now u have exactly how much mono u need as backing and a full reel.
    I am pretty good at guessing and also like a reel that is almost all the way full.
    U will def need backing with only 150yrds, do not be scared to splice the line with mono underneath. Also, be sure that the mono is ATLEAST as strong as the braid u are using. This will keep u from losing $10 worth of braided line the first time u hook up with taht big fish.

    Good luck