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    Hi Everyone
    here is my issue ( this time )
    some one had changed the throttle controls and spliced into the wires and i have no problem with that, except they left a lasso of extra wires i am talking the one from the controls to the motor i think it has 7 wires inside of it for the choke and the starter etc..., it looks like crap, it looks like they just twisted them together individually and taped them,where they spliced them looks like a snake that has just ate a rat lol, the motor starts and everything works it is just a eyesore, i want to cut out where they spliced them together and solder them together and heat shrink them and add a rubberized coating to waterproof them will this be ok? btw it is a 1974 glastron with a 1975 85 hp mercury o/b, no power trim or tilt or power steering and bubbakat i drained the lower unit and there was no metal chunks in it and the gear oil was not milky and no water was present, i still have to do the manual transmission shift so when i shift it into reverse the prop should not spin???? is this correct guys......thanks for all the help i greatly appreciate it.........Mike