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    I don't know how any of you guys on boats in the Missouri did tonight, but I did well. My father who rarely goes fishing came along with me tonight. I decided to head to crooked river near Hardin. I gave him a call since I was going through Richmond and this time was the first trip this year fishing with him. We went to J hwy bridge and that was no good as it was way to muddy. So we just went to Buffalo Bridge and fished between the boat ramp and the bridge. I wasn't expecting to kill it there, but with that place you never know this time of year. I was just happy as heck to be with my dad out fishing so I didn't care. Just sit, fish and have a long over due BS session.

    To my great surprise we had a ball as the cats were hittin big time. Tonight was the first time my dad ever used or have seen a circle hook. He could not get used to not jerking back real hard and was yanking it right out of the mouth. After the fourth fish lost he learned quckly on the fifth fish and this time getting it to the bank. All of the fish caught tonight were only 2 - 4 pound channels, but man we had a ball. I took him back home and stopped off at my best freinds house before leaving Richmond back to the city.

    Needless to say he looked at the fish that were kept and now he got the bug to go. No big deal to me as I mostly fish at night so back near Hardin we go. The fishing was a little slower, but still very good. Louis kept all his fish. So with his nine and four of the fish I kept from earlier with my dad. I was filleting a little more than a few cats at 3:00am this morning:smile2: I am back home in Independence, showered, and ready to watch a little tv before going to bed a little before the sun comes up.

    It wasn't a big fish story, but it sure was one heck of a fun night that I had to write about:smile2:
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    Sounds fun :wink:
    Remember a bad day of fishing, is still better, than a good day at work :cool2:, and you had a good day at fishing:tounge_out:
    Thanks for the report

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    nice job my friend, i went out last night myself and had no luck. at least someones finding them.
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    Glad to see you get out and have a good time with your dad. Sounds like you got into some fish. They should make a good meal with some fried tators.

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    Sounds like you had a good outing, thanks for sharing the story.