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  1. akwolf41

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    Kenai, Ala
    I had a message on my phone today but my wife wrote down the wrong # and erased the message. She said it was TOM a BOC Member.

    If you called me send me a PM with your Phone # and I will call you back.

    Sorry about that:

  2. Ardiva

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    Kenai, AK
    Tom, Gene was at work and I was out when you called.
    When I got back, I listened to the message you left many times as I'm hard of hearing. To make sure I would get your message correct, I picked up the message center box and put it by my ear, not noticing that the box had accidentally got unplugged in the process. Also, I could have sworn that I wrote down the right phone number you left.

    I'm really sorry as this is all my fault and now we're hoping that you will call back .
    Gene will be away to work tomorrow from 2:30pm until 10:pm. Please call again, as your message Re: Bobbers is vitally important to us.