Tohatsu 25 horse question?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Cuda-Cada, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Jacksonville, Fl.
    I went to start my boat this morning to check everything for a trip tomorrow and it wouldn't start. I narrowed it down to that I think it isn't getting fuel. It is getting fuel to the carb but not sure what happens after that. I sprayed some "easy start" in the carb and it fires up and runs until I guess it uses the "sprayed" fuel. I just ran the boat a few weeks ago and it seemed fine. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks...
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    If it won't start with the choke or by pumping the primer bulb then I would track down the fuel system all the way from the tank to the carbs and see what is stopping it from flowing. It could be a pin hole in a line or an oring sucking air at the connection