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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by sal_jr, May 5, 2006.

  1. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI
    here is an ad on ebay for european crawlers.

    Ok, so I understand the need to buy worms, obviously because I am a fisherman. Having them in bulk and on hand saves a trip to a bait shop.. This is good! Saves me from blowing my cash on everything else in the store.

    Uh.... but this quote CREEPS ME OUT: "This is a very durable cup that will pop right back into shape after crushing and is microwave and dishwasher safe."

    Microwave and dishwasher safe? Am I doing something wrong here? ROTFL!!!!!!

    Do your cats and/or crappie and/or trout and/or bluegill where you live prefer a lightly lowfat garlic infused oil sauteed crawler, with a sprig of parsley and perhaps an after-worm mint, served from a sanitized cup? Cause the ones I use come in a lil cannister of a mix of bedding and worm poop and do just fine.

    Enjoy dreaming of all the other many ways to serve your crawlers, as I surely have today.

    By the way- Dont buy the eastern-european crawlers. Heavy accents and hairy pits tend to frighten catfish. LMAO

    Have a great weekend!
  2. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    Hey Sal: I'll bet you a penny to a buck that some of those cups end up in the kitchen being used as cereal bowls, or to store leftovers. Usually the wife/girlfriend will find one lying around, and having to be frugal (cause her husband spends all his money on fishing crap) she throws it inna sink or dishawasher, and - BAM! - the rest is history! Also, rumor has it that some northern cats (species unspecified) have a thing for accents and hairy pits!!!????:eek:oooh:

  3. Tulcat

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    Also make sure they are not a former Olympic athlete, as they might have been a male worm at one time before their conversion for the glory of the motherland.
  4. tatersalad

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    Do any of the major tournaments have bait testing for performance enhancing drugs?

    If so I'd be careful..........:lol:
  5. kspor

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    Now we have bait this is all juiced up. Need a sterile enviroment so the injection sites dont fester. Roid rages bluegill will require 80# test just to keep him on the line and will bite a 100# flattie in the lip and drag him back to your boat.