To snell or not to snell

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    I have conducted extensive research concerning this question and what I found might surprise you.
    It seems many scholars and great thinkers have addressed this question for many years.
    I submit to you an excerpt from the play ‘ Pullit ’ written five hundred years ago by the obscure, but none the less great poet ‘Willie Breaksfear’

    To snell or not to snell, that is the question
    Whether tis better in the end to suffer
    The cuts and slips of an unclinched knot
    Or to take steps against a world of troubles
    And by snelling, end them
    To tie a knot no more --- and by a snell to say
    We end the heartache of a break
    Before the pound the line was rated

    By Willie Breaksfear….aka Netmanjack
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    Nice! Douche or not a douche? That's the question! lol