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    This is to Musky man. You sent me a message but I could not directly answer because I did not have 10 messages posted yet. I caught the brown in Lake Michigan about a mile out of Waukegan Harbor. We were on a charter. (email me for the charter service) Using a spoon with a flyspinner combo. It was around six in the morning. Cats are pretty good in the Kankakee River. I live in the far south suburbs of Chicago so my fishing holes are further down than you would go. For bass and walleye I like the Monee Resovoir off Governors Hwy. in Monee Ill. The same goes for Tampier Lake off of 135 street and Wolf Road. Every chance I get, I run up to the north woods of Wisconsin and go to my favorite spots on the Menomanee River where I have found the sweert spots for northerns and big bass. Hope this helps Muskyman! I will get more posts up for sure so I will be able to send PMs. Good Luck dude!!