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Discussion in 'OKLAHOMA RIVERS TALK' started by Rusty Hook, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Rusty Hook

    Rusty Hook New Member

    I live in in south east Ks. and fish grand lake is there anything going on down ther with the weather being so hot.
  2. AwShucks

    AwShucks New Member

    Guthrie, Oklaho
    It's not hot yet. Need to wait about three more weeks and then we can let you know - if there is any water left, that is.

  3. Love Them Cats

    Love Them Cats New Member

    Vinita, Oklahoma
    I was talking to a couple guys the other night as they were loading their boat and he said the water temp then was around 90.

    I don't know if it's the warm water or the low water level, but the fishing hasn't been that great bank fishing?

    We went out last night and caught a couple flathead that were an inch shy of keeping and one channel worth keeping.

    We don't have a boat, so we have to fish from the bank, and where we fish the water level is real low so I don't know if it's the water level or the temp that's causing them not to bite much, but we are catching a few?

  4. dobbie

    dobbie Member

    Hey John we put some jugs out last Friday night.We caught 3 small blues,and yes it was hot.Talked to one group that was fishing a little past the R.R. bridge and they getting a few.Are you coming up to camp in Oct? Dobbie
  5. Redd

    Redd New Member

    Southeast Kansas
    I live in SE KS too. But I don't usually fish grand. I fish the spring and neosho rivers the most. Just hit them deep holes, and hope for the best. Not too sure how deep grand is to determine if it's gotta thermocline, but if it does, fish it also.