to clince the chase

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    Edwards... is 105 points ahead of the 13 place driver.
    he has to finish 23rd or or 24th and lead a lap, or 24th and lead the most laps. better to make the chase.

    Kahne has to finish,21st or 23 and lead a lap, or 24 and lead the most laps.

    Kurt Busch is tied with Kahne and need the same thing as Kahn to make it.

    Montoya needs to finish 18th, or 20th and lead a lap ,or 21 and lead the most laps.

    Newman has to finish 16 or better to clinch 17th and lead a lap 19 and lead the most laps.

    Martin needs to finish 12th or better, 14th and lead a lap or 14 with the most laps.

    Biffle needs to finish 11th or better ,or 13th and lead a lap,or 15 and lead the most laps.

    Kenseth needs to finish 2nd and leads a lap

    Vickers needs to gain 21 points of Kenseth and stay ahead of Kyle Busch.

    Whew I hope I got that all right.
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    after this saturday night race coming up will know who is in and who is looking from the outside
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