Tn's 34" length limit is in trouble please read and help out.

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    West Tn
    Here is an E-mail I recived from Phil King this eveing.
    If you mailed one of these letters to day that is great but if you didn't you can sign your name to the attached letter if your interested is keeping the big catfish in the TN river 34" and larger. The push to get this law reversed is below the committiee level and if we work this can be stopped before it comes up for a vote in the Comittiee level.

    PLease sign your name at the bottom and forward the letter to and and they will deliver your emailed letter to the ledgislators in Nashville, TN.

    February 8, 2007

    Rep. Joe McCord
    4504 Montvale Road
    Maryville, TN 37803

    Dear Rep McCord:

    I’d like to offer my input about an on going effort to reverse Tennessee’s current maximum size limit regulation for catfish of 34 inches in House Bill 91 and Senate Bill 396.

    Commercial fishermen seem to be arguing that they have a meat market for these bigger fish, but it is believed they are selling them to operators of “pay lakes” in Illinois, Iowa and Ohio. Simply put, the fish of this size that they do sell are resources being taken from Tennessee sportsmen who buy licenses and sold to benefit sportsmen in other states!

    Sport fishing for the larger, trophy catfish is a rapidly growing activity among sportsmen in states that have an abundance of them, and catfishing tournaments have become quite popular here adding important tourism dollars to our economy. Tennessee received national recognition in several major sporting magazines as the leader in this effort to protect the resource when our 34 - inch size restriction was enacted. These articles also spawned a lot of tourism dollars to our great state and now, other states near us, namely Arkansas, Virginia, Missouri South Carolina, Oklahoma and Kentucky either have passed or are considering similar legislation.

    Lastly, it is my understanding that the effort to overturn the current restriction is being made by a very small minority of commercial fishermen in our state. I urge you to help all Tennessee sport fishermen by voting against reversing this very important catfish size protection.


    Attached is an add for pay lakes with fish weighing 102 pounds down. This will be where our fish go we have worked hard to protect the past few years with the 34' law in effect.


    I hope this picture is ok. On here it shows what they are using.
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    Pete and Whistler, sent my email off this pm. I hope that my little effort may help preserve the natual resources.

    Id rather not catch a record "pay lake.... state record" here in California and deplete the big fish that should be left for the folks of Tennessee that pay to catch them as well as others like myself who would like to catch em in Tennessee.
    We have commercial fishermen here in California who fish offshore long lines, and sieners that are sending our sportsmens' fishing resources over seas to where the market is.

    We need to place more restrictions on the commercial boys especially the ones that are not from the USA.

    I'll try to keep informed as to the outcome.....

    bayrunner ray

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    Although commercial fishing is a necessary evil, as we all eat fish, catfish to me are the exception. As easy as it is to farm these fish, I see no reason for removing them from their natural habitat...and especially to sell them to pay lakes. That should be illegal. I do wish commercial fishing for Asian carp were legal and encouraged.

    Thankfully commercial fishing has been outlawed on the Missouri river in Missouri for I think 8 years, and since less than 5% of the river recieves any fishing pressure, I don't see a need for a length restriction on the fish there. Since the flood of '93, thousands of acres of flood plane have been purchased by FEMA, and are now protected hatcheries. All that combined with a reduced creel limit of 5 blues, I think our fish populations are fairly well protected. Blues are on the comeback in Mo. since they have taken measures to protect them.

    In resevoirs in Mo. it would probably be a good idea to limit the number of fish over a certain length because they are somewhat trapped in their environment. The big lakes continue to produce trophy fish regardless of the pressure though. Some areas would definantly benefit from a length limit though.

    Did I mention I hate pay lakes?
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    ok...mine are sent ill have some none boc members send it also if you think it will work
  5. ShilohRed

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    West Tn

    Thanks James.
    WE need everyone of them we can get. The more the better. If everyone on the BOC were to send one in. And then there friends. That would be better.
    My wife even did it.
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    Just sent mine guys. Get in on this quick, time is of the utmost importance here!!!
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    Thanks Pete! I was reading about this in the TN section yesterday. I sent out my email. Since I live in NE TN, is there someone else I should send it to? Probably, but I asked these 2 to pass it along to the proper parties, if it had to be from my area.

    Thanks again!.

    Take care.

    P.S. I rated this thread with the 5 stars, so hopefully it may draw more attention here. I know I read the starred posts before some of the others.