TN River Catfish Trip

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    Sorry that I couldn't post stuff on the poll/reg's for a few days I have been catfishing. Took a friend from work catfishing for 2-day catfishing trip on the TN River. Caught over 700 LB's of cats over two days. Biggest cats were a 63,56,54,45, and 7 cats in the 30 LB range. All cats caught on skipjack herring caught very easily below the dam (50+ in 1 -hour). Cats were caught at night in shallow water creeks and flats near deep water. The lake we were fishing on allows no commercial fishing (since 1980's), and is regulated (TWRA encouraged) as a catch-and-release lake only due to mercury contamination. This lake is loaded with cats and trophys, and keeps churning them out each year despite no angler or commercial harvest. Pictures took with a disposable camera, but will share them if you want to see any at the CCC meeting in May. Didn't catch the 100 LB cat that I am after, but after flirting with the 100 LB mark 4x last year I feel good that this year will be the year. Have 11 50+ LB cats this year so far with the biggest being a 74 in January.
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    Sounds like the management in this state is working well if your catching catfish like that.