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  1. south_va_fisherman

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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    ok so i have a 1991 f150 with a 3 inch body lift sitting on 33x12.50s. i plan on replacing the front springs with ones 2 inches longer and adding a 2 inch leaf in the back as a thanksgiving break project. my question is whats the largest tire i could fit under my truck without any rubbing? suppose i went with 4 inches of lift, then what size? anybody got an idea?
  2. swampratt

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    My e150 sits 3" higher than stock and i ran 33x12.50 x15 tires and they rubbed over big bumps, so i went another 1'' and when turning on hills they went up in the fender and got stuck..
    Got pulled back straight and all was good...31x10.5x15 fit and work fine

    If you have extremely stiff springs it would prolly work...

  3. River_monster91

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    central kansas
    35'' tires you could get away with, but i would go with the 35x10.50 to cut down on gas milage and they tend to "cut" through the mud instead of floating over the top. some say this gives you better traction, some say it wont. ill let you deside that.
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    Better stick with the 33's. 6" lift and 35's still rub the corner of the front bumper on tight turns.
    if you want to lift a F150 do it right the first time. Dump that crappy axle in the front and get one from a 78-79 F150 or Bronco. It is all bolt in parts will give you around 4 inches of lift for the rear just get some SKY MFG flip shackles.

    I lifted a 96 and it was ok but would have been much cheaper using a 78-79 axle and if would have worked so much better.

    If you don't take my advice on the lift take my advice and buy stock in the company that make the ball joints for your truck.