tips on fishing oconee

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  1. mike0177

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    want to take my girls fishing from bank(there scared of boats ) need tips on best place to catch nice catfish and carp:confused2:
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    Try the Wallace Dam tailrace below Oconee, they have piers and lots of cats and carp caught there.

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    Loganville, GA
    Massey on here knows quite a few places on Oconee since he lives on the lake. Maybe he'll speak up here soon.
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    Hi. I used to take my kids fishing at Lake Oconee, and we had some great times. I fish the lake often from a boat, and do very well on channels and fair on flatheads.

    Georgia Power has three campgrounds that may offer a solution to your problem.

    I am familiar with Lawrence Shoals, and have spent many a day and night there. This campground is nice and offers a couple of places you can day fish for a parking charge. The campground has a pavillion area that offers fishing from the bank. If you decide to stay overnight (the gates close after a certain time at night), there is a camper's dock. This area is great, and I have spent hours catching bream and catfish from the dock and pavillion area (I was camping, though). There is even a little beach area if the kids want to splash around. Lawrence Shoals is found between Sparta and Eatonton on Wallace Dam rd. off of Hwy 16.

    The next campground is Parks Ferry. I have never been here, but It seems to be similar in offering to Lawrence Shoals. You can get to it from Hwy 44 (exit 130 from I-20). You can also go this way a bit farther to get to Old Salem campground.

    I have seen people fish under the bridges on the river channel too, but I do not know the law or regulations or safety factors involved.

    You might want to check out these areas in advance just to make sure they suite your needs. I also suggest you take some cheap bagged rice to cast out as "bait" (chum) to get those carp and cats up close.

    Lake Sinclair may be a little more "public fishing friendly"
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    welcome to the boc everybody.........the previous post made by craig summed it up pretty well......Public bank access on oconee is slim to none. Campgrounds might not be a bad idea, under bridges would probably good too....but maybe not for young children. Even most of the boat ramps have plenty of space for bank fishing. A couple places that I've seen people fishing at night that might be good spots is right off of 44......going north on 44, right after you cross the main lake..........on the left you can fish the main river channel that runs along the bank, on the right side is a cove that runs pretty far back.............that fishing pier isn't a bad spot either, me and some buddies fished it a couple years ago........we caught a couple cats and had one big one break us off......