Tips For Success while drift fishing

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    Drift fishing is an good approach that helps you find the cats. You can drift fish in a boat or drift fish your bait below a float.
    When in a boat, use a drift rig comprised of a slinky or bottom-bouncer sinker placed on the line above a barrel swivel to which is attached a 2 to 3 foot leader with a 3/0 circle hook on the end. A small bobber added on the leader just above the hook floats the bait above the bottom so catfish can see it. Drift with the wind, or using a trolling motor, move back and forth over areas with catfish-attracting structure.
    You can catch channel cats on almost every type of bait imaginable, from crayfish, night crawlers and minnows to commercial stinkbaits, chicken liver and even. If big channels are your target you'd be wise to use cut baits as often as possible.

    Cut baits are pieces of sliced baitfish that can attract cats over long distances. Use oily fish as shad, herring and bream make a good bait but when these aren't available almost any baitfish will work.
    Cut bait is prepared many ways. Some people fillet strips from the sides or belly of the fish, saving the carcass and guts for later use. Others cut the bait in chunks or just use the head or midsection or tail.
    You need to match the bait's size to the fish you're likely to catch. In waters with few cats over 5 or 6 pounds, use 1 to 2 inch chunks or strips of cut bait. Where bigger cats are common 3 to 4 inch long baits are good.This is just a few tips hope they help. :thumbsup:

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    Very good tips, thank you! I use a larger circle hook (8/0)