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tips for river fishing..

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I need some tips for river fishing. I have this spot that i think myght hold some fish, what do you guys think? its a sand bar on the out sidecurve of the river leading down to about 8 feet on the other side. (very small river can cast all the way across if i want.) it has large bolters just below the sand bar in about 3 feet of water and a sunken tree just above the sand bar. about a mile up the river there is very shallow white water and about 1/4 mile below the sand bar theres another one. I know there are cahnnels and a few blues in the river and deffantly flatheads, I once saw my uncle catch a 43lbs flathead finger fishing (under the bolters mentiond above) witch is now hanging on his wall. so i need tips on how to fish it and what bait to use. it dosent matter what kind od cat i catch i just want to catch one. do i just plunk the bait right ount in the middle of the current? how would someone go about useing a bobber in the river? ive heard that benny roberts punch bait has cut fish in it so would that be a good bait to target all 3??? HELP!!! p.s i landed a 18 lb flat head at that place today on a bluegille rig useing hotdoge as bait. WOAH!!! but no other luck..
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I would go out and just try diff areas with diff baits, i would just pick a certain section fish it with diff baits (cut shad, live bream, nightcrwalers what ever you have or can get) each time i went out i would pick a diff section and fish it untill covering the whole area.Or fish one area for awhile pack up and move to another sopt if your arent haveing any luck, but it gets a lil tuff packing and unpacking moveing and all that.Hope this helps if you have anymore questions PM or just ask.
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