Tips for fishing on the Kaskaskia

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by jrh, Nov 9, 2005.

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    I am new to the board. A friend and I are going to try our luck on the Kaskaskia, where the Carlyle spillway feeds into it. I had some bites, probably drum, last time on chicken livers but that was about it. Anyone have any suggestions on bait or rig set up? I know that Geno's is good. Also the water did not look too deep there. Thanks for any help.
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    JRH wellcome to the B.O.C

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    I'm on upstream from you on the Kaskaskia, fishing at Shelbyville and Cowden. We've had pretty good luck using live Blue Gills and Garlic Chicken Livers. Never had much luck with any of the Dough or Dip Baits. Biggest ones we caught in the past month in the Kaskaskia, was two 6 lb. Channels on Chicken Liver.
    Been using a Three-Way Swivel, fishing somewhere about a foot or two off the bottom and also right on the bottom with a No-Roll sinker on my Main Line followed by a Swivel and a Leader.
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    they haven't let much water out of the lake,this effects the fishing alot.its good when there letting water out,and high enough for fish to get up in there :D