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    Ok just got back from Alum like an hour ago. Started fishing at 7:30pm and stopped around 10pm. Guess what I didn't catch a thing. I tried the following bait: Magic Bait, Charlies's, Danny King, Strike King, and Shrimps.

    I was fishing on the north bank on Howard Rd. It was my first time there and the area is nice. I was kinda turn off by people leaving their trash there. I clean up the area a bit since I was so bored from not catching anything.:sad2:

    Am I doing something wrong or am I not in the right spot?
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    The best tip I can give for Alum is, go to the Ohio River. :)

    Fishing the bank is a crapshoot. You were in the right area, but it probably gets a lot of pressure. However, even if you were in a boat, the odds would not be that much increased.

    Maybe next time you can just cross over Rt23 and go to the Scioto, Home Rd area and north of that. I think you might do a bit better.

    Oh, I almost forgot: Why not just get some nightcrawlers and leave that packaged bait at home. I think the worms will help more than anything else. Plus, you can try to catch a couple of gills with the worms and cut them up for bait. Might increase your odds at a bigger Channel.
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  3. flathunter

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    I would try different bait, get a castnet, and get you some shad...Use them as cutbait...It will improve your odds.
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    Gotta go with Jack on this one. Trying live baits would probably be two fold in the chances of catching a nice cat!
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    I fished alum creek alot last year and caught alot of big channels there. Howard Road is the area i caught most of my fish. All on live warmouths and gills.