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how about the tippy river,any catmen on this diverse watershed? this river flows out of lake tippyconoe south to the wabash river east of lafayette.
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I'll be at Lake Shafer from Thursday to Sunday. Gonna see if any big ones are hiding there! Let me know if your in the area.
not in the area this time typer,next time maybe bro. if your taking the boat try up the river out of shaffer. if you dont have a boat try big monon creek inlet or below either dam norway or oakdale under freemon. flathead under both dams,i dont know if they are above shaffer or not.

good luck bud!
We pulled in a 13lb, 15lb, and a few under 5lbs- all flatheads on live goldfish. We fished from Indiana Beach Park to just north of it. There is some bottom structure and a deep drop off around that point. I was suprised by our luck. We caught some small channels. I don't know if you have ever been to Indiana Beach, but there is an area where people throw popcorn in and the carp come in swarms. We fished outside of that area, even though the park has been closed for a month, and caught so many 10-15lb carp that my arm got sore- it was great! I also managed to catch a 2 lb walleye on a 7/0 crcle hook with a wad of night crawlers setting on the bottom, I guess you never know. It was fun, and the weather couldn't have been nicer!
sounds like you had a great trip typer. yes i know the area you speak of. i get over there a few times a year,have inlaws there. i only fished shaffer from a boat a couple of times and that was for bass. i ussualy fish under the dams or just down stream. i also have had luck in the many creek mouths on those two waters. 15# flat is my biggest yet though,so you did good. i seen a guy catch a 45#er trolling the river below norway for eyes. it was rite across the river from my gill set too. given time i bet it would have been mine to cpr,but the waleye boob kept it. blak, i hope it made him sick. lol
Does anyone flathead fish the Winemac area for flatheads? I live in Lake County and am looking for a good body of water for them.
i cant remember if i lived in lake county or cook county when i was a kid. i used to live in calumet city and gary indiana and did alot of fishin with my dad there. one of my first memories was my snoopy fishin pole getting pulled into the water with enough speed to cause a wake behind it. i always thought it was a shark or something big. probably just a carp. anyways i lived in lafayette indiana too and fished wildcat creek. if you go to wildcat creek park and fish the bend past where the two sections meet its one of the deepest holes in the whole creek.
Heading to Tippecanoe River State Park to camp with the family ... any bank spots near the campground?
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