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    I love to ice fish but being located in southern Indiana I only get usually a week or so to do it and it is for crappie or bluegill. I am in the process to plan an icefishing trip in the next year or two for pike and walleye. I have seen these tipups. Could someone explain them to me? THANKS!
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    how they work?

    Well, the reel and line stay below the water, suspended by a spring rig and flag mounted to a cross-shaped piece that sits above the hole. You put out your bait on a hook (usually a minnow or sucker) and then set the flag by putting it under a trip piece that is directly linked to the reel.

    When a fish takes the bait, the reel will freespool and release the flag. Then when you see the flag lift, go over and grab the tipup out of the water, and hold the line. When you feel resistance, set the hhook with your hands and pull the fish in manually. Respool the line, rebait the hook, and repeat the process.

    Nowadays they even have sets that use the wind skimming across the ice to actually jig a bait for you as well. Believe me- the process is becoming really really unique for as old as the technology is.