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    I know that in the BOC there are some other fishermen like me who enjoy using yo-yo's or autofishing reels as they are sometimes called. There are certain times of the year in south Arkansas that I have a ball setting these thing's out and catching crappie and eater size catfish.
    But how many times have you set out maybe a dozen yo-yo's and when you started taking them up after you were finished fishing, you found that you only collected ten of the twelve you set out? Sometime's no matter how good you tie the knot of the limb line a struggling fish may work the knot loose and take the yo-yo to the deep unknown.
    Well here is my tip
    They are called magic bait trotline clip's, while they are intended to be used as trotline drop clip's, They are worth their money on yo-yo's.
    Take one of the clip's and tie it to the limb line of your yo-yo and then when you set the yo-yo out wrap the main line of the yo-yo two times around the limb you are tying it to then the clip can be attached back to the main line. This will hold a lot of weight and will not work loose, also this makes the yo-yo's faster and easier to set out and take up. These clip's are available at most Wal-mart's in their catfishing section. Hope this help's and you may add it to the member library if you want to
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    I'm sure u already checked but for others out there check your local regs cuz some places outlaw yo yo's. Just a reminder

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    I fish yo yo's for crappie every spring. That's a nice tip but, I wrap my line around a limb twice then tie it in a cowboy slip knot with a loop in it. Haven't lost one yet and when I take them up all I have to do is pull the tag end and it comes right off.