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Wanted to share a little tip that I picked up on the net a little while back.
Not sure how many out there are picky about protecting the screens on there electronic devices. I get frustrated at how easy it is to put scratches and scuff on my display screens. If you try to buy a custom overlay they can charge over $30.00.
I went to Walmart and purchased some transparent vinyl. (you can find it back in the sewing and craft section) Its on big rolls and hey have different thickness. It very inexpensive. I bought way more than I can use and I spent less than $2.00 I covered my hand held GPS, blackberry cell phone, and 2 fish-finders.

Here is what you need to do this project.
1. vinyl (Make sure to keep the paper backing)
2. scissors
3. new razor blade
4. distilled water (use this only, tap water will not work)
5. credit card, or firm rubber spatula
6. paper or cloth towel

How to do.
1. Clean surface thoroughly, distilled water work well.
2. Do a rough cut of the vinyl with the scissors. You want it just a little
bigger than the screen your going to cover
3. Put 1-5 drops of distilled water on the screed depending on the size of the
4. Lay your rough cut vinyl onto the water on your screen.
5. Keeping your paper backing that came with the vinyl on top of the vinyl
use the credit card or firm spatula in a scraping motion from center to
outer edges to press the all the water out the sides and to remove the air
bubbles. (Do not scrape right on the vinyl direct)
6. Carefully use the new razor blade to trim off the extra vinyl (using caution
to not damage your electronic device.)
7. Take care not to disturb the vinyl for a day or 2. You can use the item
but the vinyl might shift.The water acts like a magnet and as it dries it
holds the vinyl better.

It took me a couple tries to perfect the method but I was very pleased with the results. Using enough water is the key. If its not enough you will get lots of micro bubbles. If you use too much you just have a lot of water.
The vinyl is very durable and if it gets scuffed bad you can redo and it takes a very short period of time.
Good Luck
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