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    I always thought it strange that flathead are ambush predators despite their tiny little eyeballs. Their closest living relative is the satan fish which lives in underground springs in Texas, and are blind. Can they see well, or do they mostly feel vibes, and smell? Most predators have large, well developed eyes.

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    Great Question, I Would Like To Know The Answer As Well, I Have Always Questioned The Same Thing.

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    I read something by Doug Stange from In-Fisherman once about flats and their eyesight. He said they kept a 30 plus pounder in a tank at his office for awhile, and if he was clear across the room and moved at all the fishes eyes would follow him. He could wave his hand side to side and the fishes eyes followed the motion. He thinks they have better vision than either Blues or channels because of the fact that they are ambush predators. They don't go by smell so much as sight, as the other two. Just think of all the flats caught on crankbaits and jigs the bass and walleye guys throw. They are seeing these baits and thinking easy meal. They catch many more flats than channels or blues on them.