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    So I finally got around to making a Bait Tank for my Boat. My LiveWell just was cutting it. Not being round and kinda small, shad wouldnt last long in it.

    20 Gallon Tub = $5 @dollar Store
    Small piece of plywood = $5 @ Lowes
    Piano Hinge = $5 @lowes
    Portable Airator = $10 *I think* @ Walmart (already had this, not sure what I paid)
    5 pan screws/nuts/washers = Had em laying around the Garage.
    $25 or less :big_smile:

    When getting the Tub (most Dollar Generals, Dollar Tree, etc have em), be sure to look for one where the lip is flat, not round.

    Lay Tub upside-down on plywood, trace pattern.
    Cut out top with Jig saw.
    Cut in half, and then drill holes and mount 1st half with pan screws, nuts, washers. Line-up 2nd half and screw down piano hinge

    I opened airator box and screwed two wood screws threw the plastic casing where batteries go, then just drill hole through lid and run air hose..

    The sharp ends of the screws for the piano hinge stuck through the wood, so I took a cutoff wheel and cut off the ends and smoothed em out so my casting net wouldnt get caught on em when I was dumping my bait into it...

    The only thing left to do is I plan on mounting a bilge pump to it to pump water in and out of it....

    The hardest part to it I guess is having the tools... heh...

    The bait airator is just an extra deal I put on there since I already had it...

    Im still trying decide on my bilge setup..
    At first I was thinking of a closed system, where the pump circulates the water. I was then planning on mounting an old small cooler I have laying around on top with pvc pipe running through it. I could then fill the cooler, around the pipe with ice. This will help keep it at a nice temp during the dog days of summer. I had considered getting two tubs and staking em, with spray foam inbetween for an insulated tank...

    If I make it an open system, where I have the pump bringing in fresh water via lake, filtering wouldnt be needed AND I have a backup for my boat bilge.. hrmm decisions decisions hehe......