time to tick the horns - anyone rattlin yet?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by team salmon, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. team salmon

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    Well here in Kansas the deer are rubbing, making territorial scrapes, and the temps are falling - 17th is the dark of the moon so daytime deer activity should be picking up for this weekend. I'm gonna do a little light rattlin this weekend in the stand and wondering if anyone has been trying any yet and if they've had any response yet - I'll post and let everyone know how it goes and it would be nice if others would do the same - prerut is on the horizen and it should all get better from here on out till mid to late november - good luck guys!!
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    I hunted yesterday, saw 15 deer before 930. Two of the seven bucks I saw decided to do some sparring. One of the 2 might have been a shooter but I couldn't get a good look at him through all the brush. I've seen a big increase in rubs and scrape activity with all this cool weather. Good luck!

  3. snomad

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    I would try. Two years ago I rattled in the biggest buck of my life a week into our muzzleloader season. That would have been about the 24th of October. If there are other bucks sighted in an area it can be more productive.
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    Pinson, Al
    I used to love to rattle, but our buck to doe ratio is so out of wack all
    rattling does is call attention to yourself. The bucks have more woman
    than they can handle, they sure don't have to fight over one. I think one
    of the key ingredients of rattleing is buck to doe ratio.
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    I love to rattle for bucks. But over the years, scaring more bucks off than I drew in made me a little more aware of what I was doing. rattling early in the year will draw in curious bucks. But, they come in cautious and always down wind. Which will tip a buck off where you're hunting. Sometimes you wont even know the buck came in to the horns. He'll just vanish never to be seen again. Be careful of the wind direction. (especially early in the year) If you can, post up with the wind in your face, and your back against a bluff or river or something to keep him from circling downwind. rut is a little better, thier actually fighting hard for the few does that came in a little early. Instead of just pushing each other around establishing dominance order. The absolutely best time to rattle is post rut, or the second rut. There are'nt many receptive does left. Only the biggest bucks will breed these last few does. They'll fight to the death over them! And a lot of time they wont care about wind direction. I've had bucks come to the horns steaming from sweating, mad as hell and, ready to fight anything that'll cross thier path for a chance at one more doe. As late as late december, and early janurary. I can't express enough to Be careful rattling early in the year. If you dont know what you're doing, you'll help the deer pattern you! If you must rattle early, tickle the horns together and try to simulate a pushing match between 2 bucks instead of an all out cage match death brawl. don't rattle too often. Maybe a little every half hour or so. If you rattle too often you may spook a buck trying to make a very slow approach to you. It may take a half an hour or better to bring a cautious buck to you. If you see a nice buck, and you rattle. Look for an ear twitch ,a slight glance in your direction, or any subtle indication that he heard you. It may be so subtle that you miss it. Don't keep rattling. He heard you! In about 20 minutes he'll circle without any warning to check you out. Most of the time he'll walk in a completely different direction before he circles making you think he did'nt hear you. Then you hit the horns together in desperation. And he walks away making you think he just was'nt interested. When in fact, you ran him off. Rattling is a very effective technique, But it takes years to put it together to make it productive. Take you're time and don't get discouraged if they don't come running right under you. And, Good luck !