Time to fish. Best time of year is now.

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    Looking for Floats we have them.

    Looking for Glow Sticks? 1.5" or 8" in Green? We have them.

    Jug making kits we have them also. in 2 5/8" kits and 3 3/4" kits

    Need a Kit to hold your Umbrella for next summer or to keep the rain off this winter ? How about the EZMount Kit Umbrella kit?

    Tired of dropping those scales overboard? We have Safety Floats in 2 5/8" X 5" long or 3 3/4" x 5" long or can make them longer.

    How about Matzuo Sickle hooks? From 1/0 up to 7/0 in black and red in Octopus Sickle hooks? Or the 10/0 Big boy toy hook. For the fisherman that knows he's fishing for that Fish of a lifetime. And no other hook is going to work? We have the 10/0 matzuo Sickle hooks in black.

    Looking for the Best Circle hook around? Look no longer we have the Charile Brown Octopus Circle hooks. These are the hooks you can allow the fish to set there own hook. Or cross there eyes... Double Action hook Hooked up and ready to snell.. From 5/0 up to 10/0./ Bad boys on the block for sure.

    Sinker Slides we have those also.

    Need custom tied 2 hook rigs? Or that single hooks snelled and ready to fish ? We can and do sell these also. If we your looking for a size thats not listed on our site. Just Get in touch with us. If we have the hook we can tie it.

    Looking for the Best DipBait worms thats made? We have them also. with 3/0 Sickle hooks or treble hooks..

    Need fish grips we have those in different colors. Tired of running into that trailer hitch ball? We have a cove for that also. In black and Orange.

    Looking for Sinkers? We have the best Slinky wieghts made. Along with No-Roll Sinkers

    Need to rig that Big bait or Rig that Live Bait where the hooks out of the bait?
    We can handle that also. This QuickRig tool can fix your bait where you can use a pound skipjack or shad and have that whole hook out ready to hook up that fish of a lifetime..

    We also have X-Tools :wink:

    Custom Sauger jigs 4 different heads and lots of color and weights to chose from.

    Best of luck hunting that fish of a lifetime.. Do you won't to take a chance of not hooking up with that bite of your life? Then use the best hooks and other gear you can get.. That's from Wilfwolfproducts.com./