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With the water down in a lot of locations in the South, this is the perfect time to be out scouting your favorite fishing holes. Take you a small note pad, your digital camera and GPS (hand held or the one on your console). Take notice of mussell shells along the shore line, stumps or rock on points, brush under docks and in creeks. Write all this info. down and get you some points or reference, or double click your waypoints on your GPS (get the number of the GPS markings and make notes about what it is you marked). Take photo's and again take note of where the photo was taken.

On lakes that have docks and brush under them is a perfect hangout for large flatheads. The brush draws the crappie and bream and thus the flathead. Also, take note of brush, etc. located 20 or 30 feet out from a dock or pier, it's there sometime, you just have to look for it. While you are out scouting take notice of night lights on piers and docks. These lights draw bait fish at night and this is the perfect place for you to get bait at night. Be sure and throw them white perch away :wink: if they get in your net. Make sure to look real close at what is under and around the light. Don't want you to mess up your casting net pulling up brush.

Take notice of pole holders on docks and piers. Those folks did not spend $15 to $18 per holder for crappies, get my drift.

I do not know a lot about rivers, so if some of you River Rats want to offer some low water advice, please do so. Mac
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