Time spent on one spot!

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    I fish the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and when I am fishing for eating size stinkbaiters I will only stay in one spot 15 minutes without a bite, but when going for larger fish I will give a spot around an hour. I catch my own bait...shad, skipjack, mooneye, bluegill. I use my electronics extensively. I do my best for boat position though the Missouri can be a challenge. I do great for the 1 to 4 pound fish but the big boys are very rare (which they should be). I know there are numerous factors to consider but I am trying to get over the hump to catch the 20# plus fish more consistant. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION right?
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    Most catfisherman i have read about say they usually only stay in 1 spot for around 30 minutes or so.I almost always give it an hour and a half b4 i move,maybe thats why i havn't caught any hogs yet? just not much on moving a bunch of times at nite with the way the :crazy: river has been. Up,down,Up,down just has been pretty crappy as far as i'm concerned.Did really well on the trots early in the year but wasn't out there with the poles then, prolly should have been o'well, will be next year! wasnt trying to get off subject but,The reason wsa talking bout trots is because thats where i've been fishing with pole and so i figured i caught fish here before so if i soak for a while i'm bound to hook a pig sooner or later. Guess i figured wrong:confused2:

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    Sounds like you have a very good plan, I don't typically stay in one place longer than 30 minutes, unless I am fishing over night for some big flatheads