Time for skips?

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  1. Golden

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Just wondering if anyone would be willing to let me know when i can bank fish for some skips.. This is the first year for me and not sure where to go. I know how to fish for them just not real sure where. Any help at all would be appreciated.:tounge_out: O ya took a new friend out fishing last Saturday and just before we left he caught his first catfish nice 15 lb blue.. Hes from Montana so that was a huge fish to him.
  2. Salmonid

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    SW Ohio
    Late fall ( around Thanksgiving) seems to be a time when they like to run up near Meldahl, other then that there is always a chance of running into them along the banks all year long but never in a consistant manner. If you find them , please let us know...:wink:


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    They were moving HARD at my friends' property. They were jumping like crazy right in front of the rods. I threw the net around the rods and netted a few skips, in the 4 - 6 inch range. I wish I would have tossed it out earlier because I probably would have loaded into the littel guys really, really good. This was yesterday. It's essentially a random bank spot, a deep hole, but still. No warm water or anything.

    I hope they're there Monday, but I doubt it.

    My question is, will these little guys hit Sabiki rigs? And is there any chance big ones are swimming with the smaller guys?

    / James
  4. Scott C.

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    I hear the power pant in Aberdeen OH has bank access and the jacks are usually thick there in the winter.

    That's about the only hot water discharge I know of around with bank access.
  5. catcrazed

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    Best thing to do is load up the boat and run to the cumberland city steam plant and gettem. Its easier that way. You can almost always get them there as long as the water isnt to muddy and in just a day you can freeze enough to last you a whole year. My catch rate at meldahl dam when you compare trips I catch skippies to trips I catch none. I would say 10% of the time you will get them and 90% come home with nothing. Plus as salmonoid said its normally after thanksgiving before we get them the 10% of the time. We just load up go to cumberland city steamplant, get a couple hundred, freeze them and tadahh. Bait for the whole year.:big_smile:
    As for the hot water discharge, we catch hybrids there on days we just don't want to get the boat out and there will be 4-5 guys there throwing sibikkis wining that years ago they could catch hundreds of them at a time. A few of these guys were actually just there to catch them to sell them. Thats what happens when people start gettin greedy.:angry::big_smile:
    Tennessee is the place to be for skippies!
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