Time for Product Users to Speak Up

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by akwolf41, May 24, 2006.

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    Johnny and I have Many and I mean Many customers out on the BOC that have bought products from us and we Rarely hear any feedback from you guys. I know that is a normal thing with most people that are in business. You hear when someone has a problem and that is about it. If any of you have problems we do want to hear what it is. If you have an Idea of a change that needs to be made we do want to hear that also.

    We apreciated all of the orders from you all and that goes without saying. Just jump in here and give us Just what you wanna say.

    Thanks in Advance;

    Maine-Wolf Products
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    I really like your glowsticks and the price can't be beat. I used them this past weekend while night fishing. I had them on all five rods and also on bobbers that were drifted downriver over 100 yards. They could be seen very easy downstream and lasted all night long. When I run low again I will sure buy some more. You can't beat the price and quality.

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    Gene, the "Nite Stalkers" that Judy and I have on our rods are fantastic and you can see them for a long way off. It is really neat to be able to sit in the truck and still be able to see if you are getting a hit. You have an excellent product as are all of your products are, and at very reasonable prices.

    Thanks for all you do buddy.
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    Are you fishing, or what???:big_smile:


    I'm enjoying the Kat Bobbers I bought from y'all, and the glow-sticks ARE pretty bright, and you definitely can't beat the price. Unfortunately, I can't SWEAR they catch fish, 'cause I haven't caught one under a kat bobber yet! But they're definitely more durable than a baloon, and handle current a lot better than anything else I've tried. The added weight also makes casting a tad easier.

    Are you gonna see Smith later on? Well tell him I said duh-huh. He'll know what you mean!