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  1. CMJ

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    Fished Tillery today, didn't load the boat, but did manage 2 blues and a couple of nice channels. It was a nice morning to be on the water. I've seen some post on Jordan from some members. Are there blue cats in Jordan. I fished there for cats a few years ago and caught channels and a few whites.
  2. Tomahawk

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    Hey CMJ I was at Badin this morning. I lost one big fish at Bigrock at 58'. I got abunch of those little things also. LAst sunday I was out and with a friend and we marked alot of big fish real deep. They were at 55-60'. We tried but they weren't bitting. That Ne wind that was blowing Sunday killed the fishing. I'll be back down to Tillery here soon enough. Going back out in the morning, somewhere probley Falls or BAdin. See-ya.