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    Me and Mpayne fished this morning with high hopes but ended up skunked. We did catch a few small channel cats on the bait rods along with some white perch. The bait was hard to get again, the water temp. was in the upper 60's. The lake was pretty busy with crappie and bass fishermen.
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    well jeff i think thats what makes us better fisherman in the long run. getting skunked has happened to all of us at one time or another. seems like to me evertime i find fish all stacked up there not feeding. i do better when i find plenty of fish scattered out in a area most of the time. maybe next time


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    Jeff you make me feel better about yesterday. All we could get were some small ones. We fished some there by the boat house and then on up lake some before we even found the little ones.
    I am going to practice lot in next few weeks if diesel stops going up.
    Good luck for next time.
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    We did mark plenty of fish. We were achored most of the morning and then tried drifting for a little while. I think we would have been better of drifting all morning. My brother-in-law and nephew were there drifting in the same area and had caught 3 when we left.
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    Hey Jeff,

    I really appreciate the time we spent together fishing. It’s always good to be able to spend time with another cat fisherman. Tell a few stories about our previous adventures, smoke a cigar and think about the ones we did not catch. You have a great boat for fishing for those big blues, and I really look forward to our next trip. Maybe we can try our luck on Badin next time.

    Talk to you soon and thanks again.

    PS, I'm sure the next time you’re out you will repot catching that 75lber you're looking
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    Hey, After yesterday I would just like to catch a 5 pounder...............lol