Tillery Report Jan 03

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Went up to Tillery again this morning. It was overcast and nice until the rain started. I only got one blue this morning he weighted out at 42lbs. Also caught several channels. Later I went down river and spotted abunch of birds hitting the water. I went over there and found fish were bringing shad to the surface. I started throwing rubber minnows. I got 4 stripers 5-8lbs and about 12 big white perch. Alot of fun on a spinning outfit. The water temp went up from 44* last to 48* today. I think thats way the stripers were hitting. See-ya.
  2. C_wernett

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    North Carolina
    Good fishing! I need to get over that way sometime to try it out! Being over on the coast leaves something sometimes. I haven't caught a white bass in 6 years, and never caught a striper...I'm deprived, what can I say! Hopefully this year will yield something different though...I've never got a chance to hit any of the lakes in this state yet. I know there's some great catfishing to be had, but I know a couple hold fish that I'm used to from growing up in Iowa, like pike and walleyes!