Tillery report Dec 22

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    Man was it cold out there this morning. The whole boat was froze over. Everything had ice on it. But the fish were going crazy. Went up river and found the blues. I lost count of how many I caught. The bigger ones were two 20's and a 40lber. Also lost anothger big fish that was at least 30-40lbs. I didn't have much time to think about the cold. I had a friend fishing about a half mile from down river. I went to see if he caught anything. He did about the same as I did. He pulled out a 40lb blue from his live well when I got down there. and he lost a bigger one right close to the boat. We couldn't get any pictures our didgatal cameras froze up on us, even his cell phone wouldn't work. My arms were alittle sore this morning. We had the whole place to ourselfs. Going back in the morning see-ya.
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    Good job on the catching :) sounds like fun!!

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    Nice to here you catching some big ones. What are you using for bait?