Tillery , 8-23-06

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    Me and my nephew fished this morning , we caught 5 blues the first 45 minutes , after that it was slow. The biggest two were 20 and 18 pounds. The other three were in the 6 to 8 pound range. We also caught 2 flatheads, both in the 3 to 4 pound range, and 1 small white. Three of the blues were caught on the santee rig and two on the slip cork rig. We also caught plenty of white perch on the hopkins . Its a good thing because the bait was hard to come by. We didn't get started fishing until 7:10 am due to looking for bait. One of the flatheads was caught on the hopkins and the other on the santee rig. We caught all of the fish achored in 26 ft.
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    congrats on the catch, sounds like a good time.


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    Good fishing. You always come up with something. Sure wish I had time to go. But such is life. Congrats.
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    Hi Jeff! Thanks for the Tillery fishing report. Me thinks I need to try Tillery for a change! I'm going to Norman tomorrow night and hopefully will follow in your footsteps. GREAT CATCH! If I caught five blues in the first 45 minutes I might not care if it was "slow" after that. (You caught several more fish, anyhow!) Then again, being a fisherperson too, I bet that just wet your whistle. Way to go, my friend. :big_smile:
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    north carolina
    hey jeff did you hook all them fish in the mouth.....lol.:big_smile: congrates on the catch even if you didnt.
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    Yeah they were hooked in the mouth, but if I can't catch a giant I hope I hook another in the............ again to fill that pull. :big_smile: