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    Fished this morning up until around 11:00 am. Caught just 1 small blue but did catch 5 nice channels and several white cats. I weighed the biggest channel, it went 13 lbs. The others looked to be from 5 to 10 lbs. I caught all of the fish drifting in 30 to 36 ft on the bottom useing the santee rig. Bait was hard to get, ran out today. I marked a lot of fish on or near the bottom. A lot of the white cats had scarred heads from spawning. water temp was 84.
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    jeff it looks like we going have to start noodleing to get big blue. at least you got a nice channel. them blues shouldnt stay down there getting all scared up like them whites......they too pretty for that. looks like big boy would come in a run them 40-50lbs out so they could be caught....lol. cannot be much longer!