Tillery 6/30 & A Question

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    north carolina
    1) Went to Tillery tonight with a buddy from work. Only one blue about 5 lbs. Saw a boat full of (I'm assuming) drunk idiots about run into the large stump (the one with a buoy right next to it) between 24/27 and mile marker 10.

    2) I haven't done much night fishing. Any pointers on locating the cats, mainly blues, at night? Shallower, deeper, same as day...? All help is appreciated.

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    I do not know your lake but most of the places I have fished the cats tennd to move up alittle shallower at night to feed. Points,flats and creeks are all good targets. Any where there is a good food source bream and shad. I know it's not much help and I am sure some of the others will give more info but it is a starting point for you.