Tillery 6-20

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    Fished Tillery this morning. Didn't get on water until about 8:00. Didn't try for bait. Just went and caught couple of brim to use. Didn't ever get a bite on cut bait. Did catch three small channels on Hog Wild. Only time the stuff has ever worked for me. Missed few more bites ( all on Hog Wild) all seemed small expect one that bit with authority but dropped it. It got so hot (weather) that I had to give up about 1:00 and go home. I wish I was close enough to fish early and at night. Need work out something along that line.
    Nice day on water.
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    sounds like you had a pretty good day even catching small ones is better than getting skunked. better luck next time and I hope you hook into something that pulls you around the lake. lol