Tillery, 6-19

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  1. CMJ

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    Fished yesterday morning , only 2 blues and 1 white. The best blue was 18 lbs. Bait is still hard to find, no current at all. The white perch are schooling a lot. They are easy to catch if you want to chase them. Water temp was 80.
  2. Bream baiter

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    South Carolina
    Just wondering if you have tried Tillery at night. I think it's far enough into the year that it's just about a necessity to catch the big ones. You might want to try looking for bait in the back half of Jacob's Creek on the left side before it gets shallow.

  3. CMJ

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    Me and jfwillia tried it one night , I might try it again one night soon. As much as I fish Tillery i still don't know the names of all of the creeks. Is Jacobs creek the first one on the right going down lake after you come out of the boat ramp cove ( swift Island).
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    Yep, thats it, just past the boat ramp/marina.

    I fished Friday night with live shad and a light. I was hopeing to get a striper, but no such luck. The smaller cats would try to eat the shad, but usually couldnt get it all the way in their mouth.