Tillery, 11-24

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by CMJ, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. CMJ

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    Went this morning, caught 12 blues from 4 to 21 pounds. There was a good current all morning, the water is stained and temp is 53. It looked like a saw mill was floating their logs down the river....:lol: Anyone putting in before daylight better take it slow. I got plenty of bait from the little bridge on out towards the main water. Didn't really find the big ones but still had fun.
  2. Tomahawk

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    I went to Badin this morning and did alright also. I got a 25lb blue and about 5 channels. They had closed the floodgates. That really surprised me. They were still oving some good water though. Hopefully it will be better over the weekend. See-ya.

  3. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    sounds like both of you had some action. i be there in the morning looking for giants.:lol: thanks for the reports.