Tillery 11/18

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  1. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    I fished Tillery Sat. I got nine cats. They were pulling a lot of water. I had a hard time marking fish. I beat the skunk anyway. Biggest was a blue arond 10 lb.
  2. Cat<*(((><Brown

    Cat<*(((><Brown New Member

    Which do you like best this time of year, Badin or Tillery? How long into the winter will you fish? <*(((><

  3. Tomahawk

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    Well we fish all winter. As to what lake is better. It depends what your looking for. The past few years Tillery has produced alot of good numbers from 5-50lbers. Badin wouldn't produce that many numbers but Badin holds some the real gaints. Like last year there was a 68lber, 70lber and a 75lber caught. So what does that tell you. Lasty year was an off year for BAdin. The year before I did really well for gaints. I got 18 of them from 45-75lbs. Badin can fustrated alot of people but does holds some true gaints. Tillery also has real big fish. It's just of matter of finding them. The winter time is the best time to go looking for them on both lakes. With this cold front, it should really turn on the big ones. The colder it gets the better.