tiller extension work ok?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by odtimr, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Question for you guys. You ever used a tiller extension on your motor. My little 14' Starcraft alumn with a 6hp merc sits down in the back pretty bad with my big bottom. What can you suggest short of a nasty diet. I have enclosed the front seat to bow to store my tackle box's and the battery for the trolling motor is right up in the bow. The 6 gal tank is in the middle of the boat. The boat is not real bad, but will not quite get me up on plane. I love that 6hp motor and won't think of going bigger. I wondered if sitting up in the middle seat and using the extension I could still control the motor wide open without it being dangerous. I would fish in the stern seat after slowing down. I would add a picture but all covered up and has been snowed on twice already. Thanks for any advise. Luck
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    I have one.

    It works, but it just doesn't "feel" right, if that makes any sense.

    You might try a whale tail.

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    I am with Dave. I installed a fin on a 6hp Evenrude (68 model) on a 14' Alumnicaft. It made a differance on plane after I installed it.
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    I made a tiller extension from a piece of pvc pipe and a hose clamp. I have done this on a lot of boat motors. I currently have one on my 60 rude. The only problem is shifting it, but if you plan ahead it's doable. I also use a whaletail on most of my motors. I like what they do, and I also think it makes the fuel milage go up. Good luck, keep us posted. Later Andy
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    Can also use a plastic whiffle bat, cut the bat at the throat, then hose clamp it to the tiller arm.
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    My 12 ft semi vee was modified soon after I bought it..... no room at the back and spacing was not enough for me.... I moved the back seat up to the next rivet hole pattern, and as well moved the middle seat on hole pattern...

    Now I can sit "side saddle" on the seat with a long reach...I put my tank in the middle section with the battery and have casting platform and trolling motor on the front and back.... As far as getting on "plane" I can do it with my 15 horse.... but when Plumbertom1 and I are in it..... "it aint going to get there"

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