tightlining or clikers

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. slikk03

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    i posted this before but i missed alot of runs last night on my cliker that if i was tightlining would have ben hooked, im a bank guy and i fish in the dark , what u all think hooks up better tight line or clikers, also will circals hook the shorer runs you dont get to in time, also wen you hook one tightlining with circals how long do you have before hes unhooked
  2. motard1

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    I use o'shaughnessy hooks and tightline when fishing from the bank. Boats,circles and octopus hooks. sometimes kahles.

  3. PaJay-p

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    I keep a tight line with Baitrunner reels or Clickers set tight enough with circle hooks that when they're really aggressive just pick the rod up and reel. The Circle hooks turn and usually you get a good hook set right in the corner of the mouth. Remember I said usually.:wink:
  4. catfish kenny

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    I dont know the right answear here but I found I do better myself with good ole J hooks ....have to set em ....I cant get use to not setting the hook comes from child hood and I do alright think it is a personal preferance thing (LOL) I tend to un hook with circles(LOL)
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    I would only do it with a ugly stick and light drag but it works.
  6. Trahviiz

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    I have to agree with Jay. I use my runners with circles daily, just crank it down tight enough not to lose your pole if you have it setting on the ground, in a stake, ect. The clicker will still sound, the circle will still serve it's purpose.
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    This year I have improved very much on hooking flats. I always tight line and have bank fished for them alot also. I think the number one trick to hooking a flat is to let him load the pole up more than the other tugs. Usually people fishin for flats can tell the difference on their pole between a flat and blue but not always a blue usually hits hard and a flathead does tugs or a slow moving freight train with your pole. So alot of people miss the flathead when they see these tugs on their pole their trying to set the hook to early. I wait and I watch the tugs very closely and then when I see my pole load up more than it has been and Im pretty positive hes got it I set the hook. I havent missed very many flats this year. I love circle hooks for blues but I use king khales now 10/0. I feel the circle hooks dont have enough gap in them for me and its easier for me to set the hook with the khales. Although I know alot of people on here will disagree. Everybody has got the hooks they like and are used to. Hope this helps.
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    Using circle hooks or kahles with tight lines will work. The only thing you will have to worry about is good secure rod holders, so the fish don't take off with your rods. The commercial guys (ocean longlines) started using circle hooks specifically because it is almost impossible for a fish to get off once it's hooked. I wouldn't worry about the fish getting off before you get to them.