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  1. lunkerman

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    Have any of you gent ever used floats while tight linin' ? If so how big a float do you normaly use?

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I use a float on my leader. Its about 3 inches long slides rite on to the line and then ya pin it with a small plastic insert that comes with thw float. Wallyworld sells em. If I did it rite there should be a pic of what I use attached. Cross your fingers. LOL!

  3. lunkerman

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    Thank you. I tried a pencil float and a round float, but the one you use make way more sense. I'm going to try them. Thanks again.
  4. Southernraised84

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    Never used a float while tight lineing befor.Do you use them to see when you got a hit or what?(I know that might sound like a stupid question but dont really see the need for it while tight lineing)sounds interseting?
  5. lunkerman

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    The reason for the float is so that it can keep your bait off the bottom 3 to 5 inches or so. The cats pick it up more easily. you put it on your leader near your hook.
  6. Hootowlc3

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    Sometime I use a slip float when tight lining, when there is no current.
    When you start reeling in it lifts the hook and sinker off the bottom and you don't get hung up .
  7. willisjj

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    Thanks for the informative post. I have seen those at Wal Mart but hadn't payed any attention to them really. I think I will give that a try. I have also heard of people using balloons in the same way. I guess the good thing about balloons is that you can regulate how much bouyancy is needed for whatever bait you are using.
  8. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    Great tips, I'm going to try using a float that way. But the ballon trick I seen in Fla. using large shinners.
  9. RamRod

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    Thanks for sharing, I'll be picking up some floats!
  10. Pferox69

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    I've seen balloons used on the top of the water as floats for big baits, or shiners, but they use them so they will break when in the slop, supposed to be less resistance.

    I've never seen em used for keepin the bait off of the bottom on a leader, although I think that's a good idea, gonna have to try it sometime.

    I got some floats for spec fishin that look like a medicine capsule, and use em when worm fishin on smaller hooks, and they seem to work well on the leader, but I doubt it will keep larger baits floatin.

    Do you need to use a float in heavy current? I always thought that the current keeps the bait off of the bottom, but then I never went down there to look. :D
  11. WKYCatman

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    I've used the exact same floats for the same reason and they work great. I use around a 2 ft. leader and by changing the distance between the float and bait , you change the way the bait is presented . Closer to the bait higher off bottom and the opposite. I dont use them all the time but when I have , I've had my best luck with the float 10 - 12 in. from bait.
    WKYCatman :)
  12. TOPS

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    I often use floats while cat fishing. I have made some homemade slip floats. These floats are very big that I use in swift water. I can add weight up to 10 to 12 ounces and the float will handle that much weight easily.
  13. Tellico00

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    Collierville, T
    I use a small round red and white bobber that I clip on the leader about 6-8" from the hook. This keeps the bait off of the bottom and hopefully makes it easier for the catfish to get at. I change the size of the bobber depending upon the weight of the bait that I'm using. Seems strange but it seems to work for me.
  14. Muddler

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    I've made my own rigs--I call 'em "off-the-bottom" rigs. Tie 'em up ahead of time. Cut a piece of water noodle and thread the line through it, using a big sewing needle. Snell a hook on the end. Pretty cheap!
  15. Mathersm

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    Try using styrofoam peanuts. Thread your line through 3 or 4 of em before tying on your leader.
  16. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    I think some us us became confused about how the floats are used.At Santee just about everyone, guides included uses what is commonly called a crappie float,the styrofoam red and white or red or yellow on their leaders to hold their bait up off the bottom.I also use them when drift fishing for the same reason.Here is a tip I have learned.When a cat hits ,the fight can tear up your float by pulling the line through it in which case you have to take it off and put a new one on which means you have to retie the leader.I run the leader through the float and thread it thru the little black stopper,then re insert the stopper in the bottom of the float.This allows your line to slide freely.Then tie on your hook.Slide the float to where you want it and peg it with another of the little black pegs.I called the company a few years ago and bought 5000 of the little black pegs for 5$.That way you will have plenty and you float doesnt get torn up.One of the guides uses small ballooons which he partially inflates and ties to the line.He says balloons are cheaper than floats but it seems like a lot of trouble,however it works just as well.Tight lining is called flat lining down here.