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    Eric Maurer
    I have a slightly cheaper Tidewater with 130 lb line - I got it for it's line capacity. My only complaint, and it's a big one, is that the drag on mine is rather poor (at least at the tensions I use on this massive line) and is not smooth, it releases line with stops and starts and unless it's just because of the amount of tension I have on the drag, I'd be afraid to use 20 lb on it. I've started buying higher quality reels just for the extremely smooth drags.
    Good fishing!
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    I have 2 of them and not had a problme one out of either of them..Caught flatheads up to 50 pounds on them, The only thing that happened to mine is i set the anchor down and it clipped my drag and broke one of the stars off my drag so instead of being a 5 star drag, it is now a 4 star drag..But no problem as far as performance goes..I like them and would buy another one

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    Good deal, I hope they hold up for ya.