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Tidewater 30L?

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Anyone have one of these?I was wandering if they were any good.They look like they would be a nice reel but was wandering what everyone else thought.
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I like the tidewater very well. After having 2 stolen, I replaced them with the same reels. That should speak for
well thats good to here,i bought one brand new for 25 bucks.i figured for 25 bucks it was worth giving a shot.I havent used it yet,as a matter of fact its my first baitcater like that.Ive always used spin cast reels,so before i take it out i thought id better practice with it first.But i didnt know if they were good reels or not so i guess we will find out.
by the way it says it hold 330yards of 20Lb line,can you put heavier line on there then that and if so what would be the heaviest line you could put on one,just for reference sake?
I read somewhere that you shouldn't go with bigger line than recomended. I was running 50# berkley gorilla braid with no problems on the old reels. The ones I have now, I have 72# nylon big cat braid. It seems to work OK but will not cast as far (fishing from a boat).
I have four tidewaters from 10L 15L 20L and a 30L. They all have performed well for me.
I had a Tidewater and it worked great.
tidewater is worth the money on a limited income. I have a few myself.
One of the main reason that I like the tidewater so well is the loud bait clicker. The price range was is what I was willing to pay. My are all bait casters. :D
another thumbs up from me too. i have 3 in service and 2 standbys,one still fine after 15 years of crankin!
I have 2 myself and love them. I have 50# braided on both and don't have any trouble as long as the line doesn't start digging in on itself.
I like the 30LB better than the 30LA because the bait clickers are louder. I have 2 and they have served me well.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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